Borneo Penan Adventure

In the Footsteps of the Headman

4 or 5 nights

Perhaps the ultimate Penan adventure takes you deep into primary forest and welcoming villages and remote mountain tops.

Departs Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (4 - 7 days +)


Depart Miri airport for either Long Akah or Long Banga or Long Lellang rural airports with MASWINGS.

Upon arrival at airport meet your local Penan guide and continue your journey for approx 90-120 mins along logging road in 4 x 4 to the river transfer. Last chance for any supplies at small shop and then into the longboat ‘dugouts’ for 2 hour journey up river to the small Penan village on the banks of the river (in dry season you will have to get out of boat and push and walk some of the way).

Upon arrival meet your host ‘homestay’ family and settle in. Time for a refreshing wash before dinner - rice and local vegetable and perhaps some fish. After dinner discuss plans with your giuide for the next few days. 


There are a number of options to choose from depending on fitness and personal preference.

Highly recommended is overnight trek to 1,200 metre mountain top which boasts some of the finest rainforest views in all of Borneo. An unforgetable experience at sunset and sunrise in silence with nature. Camp is 10 minutes below summit. At sunrise expect to hear gibbons and hornbills and great argus pheasant. On cloudless nights the stargazing is outstanding.

Combine this with the ultimate Borneo wilderness experience and spend 3-4 nights exploring the hidden valleys below the mountain. This is virgin forest, never logged and the true home of the once nomadic villagers. Spectacular waterfalls are waiting to be found. This is as remote and off the grid as it gets. High levels of fitness required and safety is paramount - there is no quick get out should there be a problem. Possible to end in Long Lellang to depart and save on return boat and 4 x 4 costs.

For a less physical option stay in host village and do day trips out into the forest or half day trek to 'flower garden' - this is an area rich in orchids and pitcher plants and is on an enjoyable loop trail. In addition you can participate in handicraft lessons or do a traditional plant walk where you will learn of the countless uses of the medicinal and edible plants and herbs - the rainforest 'supermarket'.


As planned


As planned


Departure or as planned


By the very nature of these itineraries and experiences exact timings, daily plans and activities are not fixed. These outlined itineraries are there as guidelines only and costs are not exact. What you finally pay will depend on your final program

Be sensitive to your environment and minimize your travel impact. Follow guidelines as recommended and more can be found on the website:

Never give money to children or anyone in the village unless it is part of gratuities or tips. Instead, consider supporting in sustainable ways by supporting programs and projects by the community or NGOs that work with them.

Consider your action before taking plastic bags and excess packaging and plastic with you. There are no recycling facilities in rural areas and most of the time plastic bags and rubbish end up in the rivers.