Borneo Penan Adventure

Penan Express Adventure

3 nights

For those with limited time this 3 night escape will provide a fascinating glipse into rural Sarawak and the Penan culture. Includes an optional night camping in the forest with the jungle masters. Exact village destination will depend of day of the week departure.

Departs Fridays, Saturdays and Tuesdays from Miri

Day 1

Depart Miri airport for either Long Akah or Long Banga rural airports with MASWINGS.

Upon arrival at airport meet your local Penan guide and continue your journey for approx 90-120 mins along logging road in 4 x 4 to the river transfer. Last chance for any supplies at small shop and then into the longboat ‘dugouts’ for 30-45 mins journey up river to the small Penan village on the banks of the river. Meet your host ‘homestay’ family and settle in. After light refreshments time for a short river and jungle hike or visit local farm. Return to the village for a refreshing wash in the the river. Enjoy local dinner and talk and learn more about remote rural Sarawak lifestyle.

Day 2

Early wake up for breakfast. Then head up picturesque Borneo river for 30 mins before 2 hour trek to "Hornbill' camp. Set up hammocks and watch and learn as Penan guides show you the secrets of their forest home. At the top of the hill enjoy fantastic views of the rainforest and nearby mountains including sunset with Mt Murud Kecil as backdrop - simply unforgetable!

As an alternative itinerary depending on departure day you may choose to visit different village and trek to one of the largest waterfalls in Sarawak. Ask for more details, also featured in Sarawak's Lost Worlds.

Day 3

Wake up with the rainforest from your hammock to the gibbons, hornbills and other birds overlooking the forest and surrounding valleys with Mt Murud Kecil in the distance. After simple breakfast, pack up camp and begin trek to waterfall where there is plenty of time to relax and swim. Lunch will be taken here or back at the vilage. P.m Optional activities inc fishing or handicraft lessons.

Evening dinner with your host family. 

Day 4

Departure  after  breakfast,  back down river to the main road and onto to Long Akah or Long Banga airports for return flight to Miri.

End of a short but memorable Penan adventure.


By the very nature of these itineraries and experiences exact timings, daily plans and activities are not fixed. These outlined itineraries are there as guidelines only and costs are not exact. What you finally pay will depend on your final program

Be sensitive to your environment and minimize your travel impact. Follow guidelines as recommended and more can be found on the website:

Never give money to children or anyone in the village unless it is part of gratuities or tips. Instead, consider supporting in sustainable ways by supporting programs and projects by the community or NGOs that work with them.

Consider your action before taking plastic bags and excess packaging and plastic with you. There are no recycling facilities in rural areas and most of the time plastic bags and rubbish end up in the rivers.