Borneo Penan Adventure

Introducing Picnic with the Penan’s guides and porters

Monday, 07 February 2011

Whether you are a long distance trekker, or prefer shorter day trips, you will always be accompanied by a Penan guide and possibly porters. The Penan are forest experts, traversing their jungle is as comfortable for them as your local town is for you. Your guide will lead your way through the forest and share with you his or her knowledge of the plants and wildlife. Moreover, your guide will look out for you, tell you what to avoid and what to look for. Their main concern is that you are happy and enjoying yourself. If you have heavy bags or are carrying food for a longer trek, you are likely to want porters to help lighten your load. Of course, the porters will also be watching out for you. Trekking in the jungle with the Penan is an exciting and challenging experience for anyone. Moreover, it is often a bonding experience – after navigating steep ledges and slippery slopes with your guide and porters, you will find often that they have become your friends.

Here are some of our guides and porters from Long Kerong and Long Spigen.

George Ulan(Guide)

George Ulan

Sia NgedaoGuide)

Sia Ngedao

Joseph Beloit(Guide)

Joseph Beloit

Parry Tungang(Guide)

Parry Tungang

Riyong Girong(Guide)

Riyong Girong

Lalong Turan(Guide)

Lalong Turan

Raseh Tungang(Guide)

Raseh Tungang

Jau Lirong(Guide)

Jau Lirong

Lah Perawi(Guide)

Lah Perawi

Pengiran Sia(Guide, Porter)

Pengiran Sia
(Guide, Porter)